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Congratulations on being selected to join the Leocata’s Transport team. Before you proceed, it is important to learn the ins-and-outs of operation.

Click on the ‘Eroll’ button below the video, when you arrive at the ‘sign-in’ page click ‘create new account’. Once you have created your account you will be sent an email to set your password. Please keep this username and password for future reference. Once you have set your password, log-in using the username and password you have created. You will be redirected back to the course ‘induction’ page. Click the ‘enroll’ button again to make your way through the course. Before you begin your course, please watch the video below and then click on CURRICULUM above to complete the questions in each of our online induction courses. Once you have finished, you will be sent a link to a certificate upon completion of the induction. Please print the course certificate and bring it in with you when you drop in to complete your on-site induction.

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    • Health & Safety
    • Drugs & Alcohol
    • Forklift Safety
    • Loading Zones
    • Chain of Responsibility
    • Vehicle Mass
    • Repair Request Default Reporting
    • Fatigue
    • Working Hours
    • Load Restraint
    • General