*Courtesy of Shepparton News

AN industry call to recruit dynamic young staff has been heeded by a Tatura transport business.

Leocata’s Transport has three team members, in important management roles, aged 25 years and younger.

The family-owned business employs 52 people including drivers, administration, warehouse and maintenance staff across three sites in Tatura, Laverton and Adelaide.

General manager, Adrian Leocata, who operates the business with his parents Joe and Sharon and brother Marcus, who is the account manager, said it was important to offer opportunities to people keen to help grow the organisation.

He said the roles of warehouse manager, Jake Pfeiffer, depot supervisor, Cruze O’Shea and interstate scheduler, Ryan Murphy were closely linked and contributed to the smooth running of the operation.

Mr Pfeiffer, 25, helped construct the new warehouse at the Tatura depot in 2014 and stayed on to manage the facility.

He organises the roster to ensure the day, afternoon and night shifts are adequately staffed and liaises with customers to move product quickly from the warehouse to its ultimate destination.

“Some days are easy, others are more challenging. Things can change very quickly,” Mr Pfieffer said.

“If a truck breaks down it has a flow-on effect because it’s my job to get the product out of the warehouse. If the warehouse overflows, I’m in strife.”

On average, about 15 B-doubles leave the warehouse each day, destined for Melbourne, and Mr Pfieffer said he enjoyed the responsibility that came with his role.

“The team I work with makes it easy.”

He said he had “grown up with trucks” and was planning on gaining his truck licence.

Depot supervisor, Cruze O’Shea, 23, co-ordinates the loading and unloading of semi-trailer and rigid trucks for deliveries in and around the Goulburn Valley.

The former interstate truck driver said he “has been around trucks all my life” and relished the opportunity to learn new skills in his present role.

“Every day is a challenge and there are different obstacles thrown at me but I’m always open to new ideas,” Mr O’Shea said.

He holds a multi-combination licence and carries out driver appraisals for new staff members as well as working closely with the compliance manager to action non-conformance mass management issues.

“Trucks are all I know and I’m happy to grow with the company as it grows,” Mr O’Shea said.

Ryan Murphy, 24, is the newest team member, and took on the interstate scheduler’s position three months ago.

Unlike his counterparts, Mr Murphy doesn’t have a background in transport, having switched from the roof tiling and roof plumbing industry several years ago to work for Toll Group in Melbourne.

Mr Murphy plans and schedules interstate truck deliveries and is helping to grow that aspect of the business.

He calculates the dimensions of varying cargo to determine if a B-double or single trailer is required for a run, schedules the drivers and maintains close relationships with customers.

“Good communication is a must, without it everything breaks down,” Mr Murphy said.

He described his job as “like putting together a jigsaw puzzle” and said he was “forever learning.”

“There is always something different, there are new rules and regulations so I’m forever updating.”